Family History

This site is dedicated to the memory of my loving Mother,
Pearl Alice (Long) Draper

Here we honor her by documenting her family history. Genealogy data about people even remotely connected is welcome.

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Without a login, you are restricted to just the names, dates, and relationships of those no longer with us. With a login there is much more data.

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This site as grown to include data on 1273 families, and 4178 individuals. That's too many to display graphically at once. But the tree below is just a starting point. It shows the ancestors, sibling, spouses, and descendants of the person selected to be the Root of the tree.

You can select a different root by clicking on any first name in the tree. Thus, if you know the connection, you can move thru the tree to anyone.

Gen: -14 -13 -12 -11 -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1
Ephraim Thomas
(Draper) (Draper) Ephraim W.
Polly (Draper)
Richard Joseph Catharine William F.
(Kirby) (Turner) (Draper)
Hijndrick Elizabeth Henry Mary Zelinda Edward
(Hendricks) Abraham (Kirby) (Draper)
Sijbbel (Hendricks) Hendrick Richard Mary Obediah Almeda Ray
Engele (Hendricks) Forsan Van (Anderson) (Kirby) (Draper)
Trintje (Hendrick) Ruth John Pearl
Maeifken Hans Hance (Kirby)
(Hendrick) Adolphus Moses Willmuth Henry
Joost Janitje (Hendrick) (Hendrick) (Moore) (Kirby)
(VanMeteren) Ruth Elizabeth
Sarah John (Hunter)
Richard (Echols) Thomas
(Cave) John Mary William (Stagner)
Alice (Cave) (Echols) Elizabeth William
Elizabeth Sarah (Stagner)
William Lavina
Richard (Hall)
(Turner) James Mary J
Elizabeth (Turner)
Henry Catherine James
(Brockman) (Haley)
Rebecca Samuel Susanna John
(Brockman) (Haley)
John Mary Martha Archibald
(Madison) (Haley)
Isabella John Rhoda John
(Northcutt) (Haley)
Barnaby Sarah Moses Eleanor * William R.
(Wells) (Renfro) (Haley)
Grace John Elizabeth Nancy
Thomas (Wells)
(Bradley) Thomas Elizabeth Benjamin William R. P.
Frances (Bradley) (Wells) (Riddle) (Johnston)
Elizabeth Joyce Harriet James
William (Riddle)
John (Smith) Dannett Sr Dicy
(Mills) Mary William (Abney)
Susan (Smith) Mary Abraham
Anne Thomas (Abney) William
George (Smith) Samuel Cassandra (Abney)
(Sterling) Margaret (Meredith) Amelia
Elizabeth Ellis Nancy Anne Heinrick
(Sterling) Rev Joseph (Long)
William Hannah (Lee) Barbara Henry
(Daft) Anne (Long)
Joan Anna Henry
Jacob (Long)
John (Pence) Jacob Fannie Jacob
(Pound) John Anna (Pence) (Long) William
Jone (Pound) Mary Valentine John Mary Polly (Long)
Deborah John III (Pence) (Murr) Sarah John Henry
George (Pound) Johann Anna Maria Mary (Long)
(Joy) William Elizabeth (Oberlin) Nannie Oscar
Dorothie (Joy) Katherine (Long)
Mary William Minerva C
Heinrich (Schrage)
(Hauser) Michel Katie
Anna (Hauser) Hans
Kli Anna (Hauser) HEINRICH
Cleopha (Hauser) Karl Hans
Barbara (VonHauser) John
Huldricha (Housser)
Mary Peter
Robert B G Benedict Eva Maria
(Parke) (Dhome) (Dhome)
Alice Robert Veronika James
(Parke*) Samuel (MacKcleland**)
Robert Martha (Parke*) Joseph Margret James
(Chapen) Hannah Robert (Fleming) (McClellan*) Elisha
Elizabeth (Park*) Olive (McClellan)
Thomasine Benjamin Mary James K.
Thomas III (Parke) (McClellan)
(Packer) Robert Mary Christopher Jane
Thomazine (Packer) (Park*)
Anne John Samuel Sarah John Jacob
John I (Packer) (Mansfield**) (Dersch)
(Friend) Elizabeth Susanna Richard Elizabeth
Elizabeth John (Rose) Richard
(Friend) Elizabeth (Rose)
Thomas Mary *John Elizabeth Francis
(Dexter) (Hale) Joseph (Rose)
Garrett *Suzanna (Haile) Peter Mary Polly
(Church) Rachel (Hale)
Samuel Sarah John Jacob
(Church*) (Jesberg)
William Rebecca Samuel Johanan Katherine
(Shattuck) (Church*) (Koch)
Susanna Thomas Mary ANNA
Joachim Thomas Mary Marie Heinrich
Ciriox (Schmitt) (Burch) (Lefarth) Johannes
(Kirchner) Walpurga Johannes Elisabeth (Lefarth) JOHANN
Dorethea (Schmitt) Johann Marie (Lefarth)
Louis V Anna Maria (Schmitt) Johann Anna
(Hesse Darmstadt) Margaretha (Schmidt)
Magdalene Christina

To jump across the tree, click on one of the following names to get a list of people to choose a root from.
The surnames with the most individuals are:
Abney -- 28 Echols -- 22 Hendrick -- 29 Kurtz -- 36 Nauman -- 53 Schoenwolf -- 27 Stagner -- 38
Bradley -- 27 Fink -- 43 Houser -- 26 Long -- 241 Neudorff -- 29 Smith -- 25 Thompson -- 48
Crume -- 24 Goin -- 39 Jesberg -- 40 McClellan -- 107 Parke -- 26 Spangler -- 35 White -- 22
Dersch -- 23 Haley -- 75 Judy -- 38 Meeks -- 41 Rose -- 29 Spengler -- 26 Wild -- 23
Draper -- 89 Headley -- 52 Kirby -- 75 Montgomery -- 43 Roy -- 24 Stadler -- 24 Other -- 2028
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