CrewSignUp Site Policies††


I developed this site for my own use and I offer its use to others only in the hope that it aids their racing programs.


Your privacy is important and this site respects that!


No information gained through this site is used for commercial gain.


The email addresses are used solely for communications between crew of a given boat with one exception. That exception is that email is sometimes sent to the creators of the boat pages to inform them of status changes, new features, or problems with the site.


Cookies are required to use this site. They are set only to propagate login information between pages and to return a user to the page of last boat that they logged into.


Information about who did what and when is sometimes logged to help debug site issues. This information is never given to a third party.


However, you use this site at your own risk.


Security is provided through a simple login/password scheme. A determined hacker could get to the information you enter on the site.


No guarantee of service is provided. The intent is to have this site up and running throughout the Chicago sailing season, as it has been for several seasons, but things could go wrong.


Also, no liability is accepted for the event data provided on this site. Considerable effort goes into checking the dates, etc., but you should always double check with each eventís sponsor.Please inform us of any data errors.


Currently there is no charge to use this site. Also, currently, there is no plan to start charging for this site, but the right to do so is reserved. The right to refuse service to any individual for any reason is also reserved.


All programs, html, etc., used to implement this site remain the private property of Don Ray Draper.